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She went above and beyond to provide excellent customer service … ensure that all project goals were met. We have been so pleased…



"We built a house this year and Kristen Elizabeth Design was with us from when we broke ground to the completion of our house. Kristen helped us with our interior design as well as guided us in choices for the exterior of house. Kristen is extremely professional, keeping us on budget and tirelessly working to help us achieve our vision as it evolved in to our dream home. I would not hesitate to use her in future projects."

— Jamie W, client


"Kristen was an absolute pleasure to work with. Her insights proved useful and well thought out. Kristen's vision for the space we worked on was fabulous and the project turned out masterfully. I appreciate how much time and energy went into to the design and the finished product proved itself in functionality and beauty. Stunning rooms designed with passion, that's what you can expect from Kristen Elizabeth Design."

— Corey Benham, COLLEAGUE


"Kristen helped design our master bathroom renovation. She really took the time and effort to get to know our style and wishes. Her research and resources saved us a lot of time in selecting options and decor. She also has great style and taste so when we were at a loss of ideas, she was able to guide us in the right direction. 
Kristen is also very reliable and patient. Although our project ended up going over budget, we are extremely happy with our polished, stylish new master bathroom! Every aspect was carefully chosen with Kristen's help and we could have never done it without her!"

— Tiffany, CLient

We have been working with Kristen continually for almost 3 years. She has helped us with design on our home and business. 
She is extremely professional with a never ending supply of great ideas and an incredible sense of color.

-Chris c and anne marie k, client


"We remodeled our house and engaged Kristen to help with all design elements. We are extremely pleased with the results and with Kristen and can't recommend her enough! She is so enjoyable to work with, extremely professional and has amazing creative artistry. She was able to take our vision and completely run with it..with very little guidance. She knew exactly what we wanted and made what seemed like an overwhelming project, completely seamless. She went above and beyond to provide excellent customer service and ensure that all project goals were met. We have been so pleased with the results and continue to work with Kristen to apply finishing touches."

— Jennifer N, client


"We have nothing but good things to say about our the experience of working together with Kristen. Her professional was top notch, she consistently surpassed her deliverables ahead of schedule and within our budget constraints. However, her greatest value was her creative input...she saw things we didn't and came up with design solutions that exceeded our expectations and pushed our own limited design boundaries, while still maintaining our true design aesthetic and perspectives. This led to some stunning results which elegantly married the natural beauty of the space with a modern and hip design true to our vision."

— Laurence c, client